Guni & Thasha I Ep #18 | Reflections on the DTP Journey



and yes we had 10 guests and i think it’s it’s a good time for us to kind of reflect pause a bit and and see what we’ve we’ve done so far um also kind of cover the experience how we felt about

it what we can do better for sure and um and yeah so this this episode is just gonna be us kind of reflecting and and and it’s an interesting time to be reflecting as well because we are the month of september it’s a transition to from you know kind of summer to autumn it’s a good time to pause reflect uh cleanse um and remove the crap that you know you potentially have been doing and you want to kind of change um it’s always a good time to adopt new ways of doing things yeah and i don’t know for those of you who believe in the moon cycles it’s like new moon apparently i have this app that tells me it’s random things so yeah i just started like two minutes before starting this uh recording so yeah it’s a time for cleansing and resetting for sure yeah i guess mooney like how how have you felt so far with dtp that if the podcast um you know since we started in uh january like when we started uh prepping and doing all the the groundwork and you know contacting practitioners and doctors um how do you feel about it like our journey so far well i think first of all for we’ve it’s the first time for both of us right this this podcast and i think it has been an ongoing learning journey uh not only from like the logistics of how a podcast work to like you know literally and i think you’ve you’ve you can talk about your experience in just editing and understanding also about how you i think now you can become a sound engineer if i’m not if i’m not mistaken i think so i mean i’m not gonna like uh dim down the effort that they probably have to go through and what they have to learn to get a sound engineering degree right um but it’s it’s so interesting like because i i was like looking at different podcasts and like how they would do their the editing process and a lot of podcasts out there are like 45 minutes to an hour like the ones that i listen to um that have huge followings right and so um they don’t necessarily do a lot of editing to dumb down the the episode or not dumb down but like reduce the episode and so what i found interesting is that like when i was just reading and listening to people’s reviews of their reflections and stuff um they were saying that oh editing that took them like 20 minutes and i was like what 20 minutes no way like why is it that hours is like so long but you know you have to definitely take into account that i’m new to this and secondly we are making like shorter episodes so that it’s like diet more digestible information for like our listeners and because the cam industry is not necessarily like uh straightforward right so you can’t bombard them uh and overwhelm them with so much information at once definitely and when you’re when you’re doing podcasting we are we’re having guests that usually don’t have the experience in being concise and short and so there are some editing to be done because of that and um but definitely i think the effort in learning the logistics behind podcasting has been still we’re we’re trying to figure out what is the best way to even reach out more people even we that’s why we ventured on our last episode on on youtube as well to put our content on our faces no yeah that’s that’s on youtube that’s been an interesting experience coming to terms with that yeah and being okay to be on camera like on camera and you know kind of forever out there yeah that’s true you know i didn’t think about the forever spike but it’s more like yeah like it’s kind of daunting because you doing the audio part felt like okay this is achievable more it’s like a shorter gap to bridge right but when you do a video piece of content it’s totally different and i’m not equipped yet with like video editing and so i’m like okay we need to get these takes right in that one moment right it’s so stressful because and it almost feels like it’s acting right because you really have to like know your lines or like kind of yeah right yeah like you’re taking on a presence but um you know just knowing your lines and then saying it in a more natural way uh yeah and being conscious that you’re you’re being recorded because sometimes you know when you’re not then you you’re a bit you’re more relaxed to say whatever you want to say correct yeah yeah yeah but like how do you think like so other than you know that’s the kind of the journey in like getting into the editing and like the process of creating our podcast right um right but how did you feel i guess juggling this and then like you know doing dotive like doctor the business and then yeah also just trying to like survive you know like get food on the table kind of thing definitely and it i mean we are all all in this together right so now we have a bit of a we have a team we we’re small we’re still small but um it’s about as you said we’re all juggling our day-to-day making sure that uh you know we we’re driven we’re driven from our passion which is making sure that people have access to to complementary and alternative healthcare um and and for that it’s not something that’s gonna happen over time and we kind of we we always talk about this uh together with tasha but um just us being able to navigate through life every day you know it’s not easy because you have to you’re doing so for example the podcast is here to kind of bridge the gap between like the awareness bit people kind of getting to know more about the different modalities we are kind of promoting um and getting to know individuals as well um and not only from that getting to understand like having learnings behind those conversations that you can implement in your day-to-day um so like having that which is really fun because literally like you’re being basically preparing a conversation that is going to be useful for you so it’s for me it’s really fun yeah um it doesn’t feel like work uh however it takes an amount of time so you have to be able to fit it in in your day-to-day um and the day-to-day for me i will go over yours uh is you know i have the job kind of that peer spills and also is driven by you know um my mission and my my passion in health uh but i do also have to get dotiv uh dative life to you know running as well through exactly for for it to come to life and and that goes with you know dealing with uh development and making sure that the we go over like onboarding practitioners and so just juggling that sometimes can can take a toll on your mental health or even physical health um so what about you tasha how how did you feel about you know this whole juggling it’s definitely been a learning curve but i think i’ve learned a lot i mean through you and then through just life like i mean in malaysia because we have lockdown so like maybe i’ve pushed myself in that sense um on one side pushing myself and the other side is like i have nothing else to do so maybe i should really just go all in here um yeah and so it’s like it’s been strange and interesting and and insightful because like i never realized i could be that person who would just be working like and kind of living in my work i didn’t think i was that person um in the past like with other jobs i would have to do it because they were like people or like you know the system was such that you had to just show up for them but now it’s different because you’re doing it on your own merit right you’re showing up for yourself exactly so it’s like like i i never question whether i want to show up it’s more just like when do i cut off now it’s like the opposite side like when do i stop doing like more like you know even after ending calls with you or like the team right then it’s i’m on my phone and i’m scrolling through social media and sometimes it feels like i’m scrolling because i’m just you know mindlessly scrolling but i’m always like you know in the back of my mind thinking oh this person could be a practitioner this person i could like interview um or this content is great we should like you know kind of replicate some some sort of structure like this so i feel almost like i’m always switched on but it doesn’t feel bad like having this part like activated but at the same time some it’s it’s been challenging to to know when to take a break because right i always feel like i’m i’m on on the lookout you know so that has been an interesting challenge i think i think you would probably relate right to this completely i mean it’s that’s the the journey of the entrepreneur i guess is that you’re always because you’re you’re making it for your own and you the people with who you’re working with and so switching on and off is not really a thing you you always kind of yeah it’s like it looks like you’re on all the time yeah sorry i mean i was just thinking of the analogy of like dimming the light you know those buttons right there’s um rolly things where you do it yeah yeah yeah so it’s like maybe at night when you’re sleeping it’s kind of low but then you’re kind of dreaming about it too and then when it’s daytime it’s turned up um it’s true that and it’s true that having people with who you work or like like a team it forces you to a certain extent to know when to start dimming that light you know or uh you’re like okay now i need to like slow down a little bit because you know like life around you is kind of going through that phase of you know the days ending so just try to go into that too so it’s it’s a learning curve with regards to that as well like how to adjust um our lives outside of work and i put quotes there um and and an interesting aspect for me as well i feel is how we’ve evolved from you know that first episode we released in march i think if that’s the mistake right and and how how far we’ve come so far and like you know what we’ve done uh how we’ve evolved uh and how even our lives have changed according to because like i mean you’re still doing this for malaysia and i’m doing this from london um and we still you know we made it work and i think that for that i think we deserve a self tap yeah in the back yeah but it’s true and i think it’s interesting to like coordinate like i think we we understand each other’s like rhythms in that sense and so right sometimes we’re like we have to do a recording really late for me in malaysia but it’s like daytime for you to accommodate you know the different practitioners or doctors um and then flip side where you know we have to do it really early for you because it’s uh the practitioners is available at that time for based in like asian timing right um so i think it’s nice that we’re able to find a balance in that sense and and work with each other’s uh you know i guess rhythms um but what i find also really helpful like like therapeutic as you were saying earlier in the journey is that a lot of the the conversations we have although like okay the editing part of it takes time and it’s effort right um and then putting it together for the social media is another like chapter of that but right the lessons and the advice and the the the information you receive through the conversations are so i guess useful and and practical i find and i’ve like i find myself like uh in the middle of the day like realizing oh yeah like i’m feeling a bit sleepy and i remember like an episode with you the chinese medicine uh practitioner um she was telling me how oh you can do like acupuncture kind of practices like tapping yourself and so i was i would do that to like kind of wake me up or like move the energy in my body and didn’t realize how like how much of an influence all these little bites of wisdom would really help like help me my day-to-day do you find that they’re like the same yeah same and it goes from like even recording the episodes with them so for example say um there was like an episode with dr gaia uh from the who and she um when we were speaking about our current you know your realities with then covered it was kind of a therapeutical like experience as well because i would whatever i was you know talking about was you know fresh and like the feelings or the emotions were very kind of raw and so it felt that you know we were kind of going through and finding a solution or a way to kind of approach that that that situation so from recording even those episodes i felt that it was very much like a beneficial um aspect even though it’s crazy and hectic etc when i’m recording or when we we having this conversations there’s like a very therapeutical uh aspect of it and then as you said when we were talking with uh with the team and trying to like figure out how we want to create a narrative around what we we create um that as well you go into um you’re figuring out okay what is the best way to fight those you know oh sorry to create pieces or or communicate with people engage with people in a way that will make sense and they can benefit as much as we we kind of do um i that i think in in kind of the critical side i think we’re not yet there um we need to be a bit more better at finding a way to engage with our audience uh so understanding more how um how they feel about our content um but that that will come the more we create the more the more we’ll receive feedback so that’s kind of i guess through this this episode if people are hearing um we’re always open to for feedback and because that’s the only way we can grow and learn and improve for sure yeah i create agreed definitely i think we we definitely have a lot a big room for growth you know but also to acknowledge the fact that we’ve come from like nothing like knowing nothing about podcasting but just wanting to have a outlet to like you know bring this information and bridge the gap for you know dot if uh as the business and also just like our desire to to have alternative healthcare and medicine for people out there right um so i think in that aspect um we are you know on the path beyond the journey um but uh there’s always you know things that we can learn and pick up from other podcasts from other um you know from listeners and and people who are just interested in the field yeah um what would you say are your kind of key takeaways um while you know while doing this like what are your three top key takeaways uh of actually starting this journey with the dtp you mean like in um in the conversations with practitioners or just the overall process but overall if you had to like yeah because like we it’s like you know we we kind of said okay we reviewed what we’ve done um and we we gave ourselves you know taps and like also this is something we need to focus on um now that we had the present here it’s like what are the things that will that you think are are takeaways that you want to you know hone with you as you go forward with uh recording and continuing dtp i think like i guess the video aspect for sure like to improve on that um kind of being feeling more natural and and uh just a bit more like uh not opposite of awkward i don’t even know like you know what what that would look like but you know just just feeling more comfortable basically in front of a camera while you know having a natural conversation um especially when we i think you’ll be better when we do it with like a practitioner but you know when we’re doing um the the ones with just two of us were doing the intro and outro um those those ones were a lot more challenging because it’s just the two of us but other than that i think um definitely curating better content um and then maybe having you know a better flow of conversation um through through that through creating more better content you know and that prep work that we do um having kind of that structure laid out and um of course definitely if like practitioners are listening to this like if you guys you know can can can uh agree to dates with us then we have like a bandwidth for the next like six months that would be wonderful so then yeah actually like prep yeah so i guess that’s that’s another one yeah our how to say plan uh as we’re going forward is really to to have a practitioner every week and and for us it’s about building up and so there’s no kind of um pause for now it’s like those moments where we reflect but the idea is that we just keep on building and keep on meeting uh practitioners and keep on spreading those their wisdoms so um definitely and building our community like a active community right of practitioners of the whole ecosystem um bringing everyone together on the platform and also like you know eventually when things are a bit more uh safer for you know mass crowds and whatnot and also once we’re a bit more established than to have like events and and sort of like workshops and and kind of uh retreats of uh you know withdrawals right yeah for sure and what about you gurney i think not to kind of pick up on some of the things you’ve said but uh yeah being camera friendly voice friendly it’s something that you know i used to cringe oh my god i used to cringe when i saw myself on on video or even my voice i was just like oh my goodness i like this is not okay and and i i still to this point i’m sometimes very cringeful when i see myself but you know it is what it is uh there are some things i can adjust but um and it’s learning how to be more concise with what i wanna i wanna see uh having my my posture right maybe maybe so yeah it’s just like being a bit less shy and just like you know very being uh so that i you know getting slowly over that um and i think the key takeaway for me is the conversations with um practitioners and being able to gear our conversation that the conversation has become even more um insightful when we kept in mind our audience um and our audiences like millennials who are you know uh in um in a trend transition which could be sorry as a as a woman you could be like either being a young young mother or having to take care of you know different different uh people at home uh from you know your grandparents to your parents to your children or even you know juggling your professional life uh having all this different uh aspect from socializing to to um you know accelerating in your in your professional career or just like chilling as well but that’s like we’re really around you know this millennial and and predominantly women um and so when we have when we kept that in mind i felt that we were much more um very much targeted in in what the practitioner could give us and that um i think that was very much um insightful i saw the difference and i i got some some feedback from from friends where they’re like i never thought that you know this could be a conversation that could be on dotted but if you frame it properly i think that um it could be content pieces that uh people could relate to and this is what we’re trying to do it’s making content that is relatable so i i guess these are the two yeah that’s great i think you hit the nail on the head on that actually there’s the focus that that helped us get gain right um through understanding our demographic our target audience um yeah i think those are really it’s been like an interesting uh couple of months actually more than a couple of months a lot of months almost the whole year actually um um to be honest i think we kind of started even talking about dtp way before uh even last year right so 2000 2020 yeah 2020 end of 2020 so we started with something else but yeah but we did but this is this is reality and this is like kind of uh everything it’s it’s what is constant is change yeah so and and i think that what we’ve learned especially is to be okay to like okay we went with this we started with like a format it was like that and today we are thinking of you know pivoting a bit on another format and then in another six months it might look completely different um but that’s fine that’s fine you know that’s um and that’s the beauty of being able to to create is that within like a framework because like that’s that’s creation we kind of talked about it this creation just for the sake of it without that’s fine you can do it but when it’s within a business you kind of have to create that framework so that you don’t uh it’s we talked about it is uh daydreaming but with an anchor yeah yeah true maybe william can do this quote for us yeah shout out to william who’s uh who’s been working uh hard on our social media as well so yeah definitely correct and i think yeah i think the concept or the the mindset we are i guess trying to adopt it and remind ourselves regularly is this is this is literally a marathon it’s not a sprint and so i think when we came in starting we were like oh this is a sprint and then it kind of quickly realized we quickly realized that no chance this is not gonna be a sprint you’re gonna die if you think it’s a sprint uh so it’s it shifted very quickly because we realized that the burnout was but not as real so yeah within the pandemic my goodness yes like double the pressure because the thing is that literally as you were saying you’re you’re right now malaysia is a bit more in the locked down phase but when we were you know even in the midst of it as well we like london was also in lockdown and yeah you’re always at home or you’re always and so the opportunity of always be working was there and you the mental health could you know take a toll and thankfully that’s why we you know having this conversation having each other speaking to you know different people kind of alleviates the you know the happiness and the yeah the yeah the heaviness and really and so so i think that that is definitely something that we can we can evolve from it’s like learning from that that space where we’re like you know crazy it was uh very intense um but finding a way to to make this a marathon as we as we go along and and also i think the fact that we are in an industry that has quite a bit of challenge with regards to its uh to its public knowledge uh i think that the the public currently has like some mixed views or feelings about it i think that’s like a general trend it’s not i think there is a general trend yeah where people are are interested and willing to to go into complementary and alternative medicine but there are there’s like a whole side of it that is a bit difficult to deal because it’s um it’s not as structured and um and figuring that one out um and convincing people even for funding or even you know investments are is another type of ball game which again as you said we it’s a marathon we’re here to stay and um but it comes with resilience it comes with resilience that’s the word um and stamina think that yes yes um yeah i think you’re right and we just have to keep that like i think we have to like plaster that somewhere on like the wall or something i don’t know if it’s funny now exactly we’re doing some stamina and like we should start every meeting like this resilience and stamina and with the end with a bit of meditation yes and which we haven’t started yet but we will i know i know because like we just spoke about it with uh dr gaia right yeah including this in our meetings but yeah it’s not yet um i guess it’s a process we’ll get there i get that i will get this uh right but it’s just that you know when you’re into it you have the meeting you have 20 minutes so you’re like okay 30 minutes and you’re like okay let’s do this and you think of it as a sprint uh like on the methodology and so at the end you’re like oh i forgot we had to start but i actually thought today you’re gonna start the meeting with that and then i was like oh no because you paused it for a second and then you’re like okay let’s go to this and i was like okay never mind let’s just do it the next time yeah yeah because like today is uh two days tight yeah that’s not question um but i will hopefully from this month onwards uh i’ll put that as an intention yep and hopefully this month it will i’ll i’ll keep you in check all right thank you thank you no i didn’t have to but you know just saying no but please do please do that’s that’s why we’re there for each other as well so i mean okay sorry and one of my biggest takeaway is i’m very grateful that uh i’m able to be in this journey with people i i can rely on and i can we can you know go forward together because i think alone not only is it hard it’s even harder but having someone to kind of say like bounce off ideas with um and and we’re not just two of us there’s like a whole team behind but i think that for dtp is especially i think that i’m very grateful for for having you tasha and and being able to rely on this and and and walk stronger together oh ditto that’s very really it’s true same here i mean i didn’t say it but i think you i mean i say tell you this a lot of times as well and you tell me the same off offline so i think mutu the feelings are mutual yeah and being grateful yeah you know it’s like we were practicing basically some of our our teachings through our practitioners uh and which one was there was uh you know resilience and and gratitude and i think that when you cultivate that and i’ve been i feel that really like when you if you’re alone in this journey it’s it’s doable i’m not saying it’s not but i think it it makes the journey much more nicer um and bearable so for that thank you common thank you too um so like as i guess as a closing i’m i’m inclined to ask you um where like what would be your like audacious kind of goal or like um what’s the word vision for dtp um well you know the more kind of profiles that we can have that have you know impact and reach i think that at this point uh might sound a bit you know focus on on one side but i think that we have some speakers out there that could use our platform we’re not we’re not huge yet but you know having them on our platform would be amazing so having kind of people who have a message and uh and a contribution that could you know increase our reach would be amazing so that’s kind of like the the some of the goal with regards to the type of guests we want um and then anyone specific in mind oh i have so many okay tell me your top three at this point in time okay um i already know but i think we have the same okay let’s let’s do our top three okay okay do do your first oh we’re gonna do it a collective top three or uh yeah let’s do a collective top three because otherwise you know people will be like what is this dr chatterjee for sure yes i think you would agree um yeah that’s like one of mine like i don’t know whether yeah definitely mine yeah number three what would you say um let me i have because i have i have um i’m torn to like because it’s our last one right so we can do four we can do four okay um i i think i know you know what i i’m thinking of radhi for example righty um yeah is that last name okay because she it’s it’s basically if we can have you know jay shetty and radi together i guess would be amazing oh yes um because like she’s into ayurveda and she’s an um an ayurvedic um i think nutritionist but i’m i’m not fully fully sure and i think that she her she’s quite you know she’s liked in terms of the way she wants to provide her message but yet very very on point i i would think like the ultimate honor would be deepak chopra yeah like oh my goodness go back to oprah my goodness he’s actually number one i just want to carry it there’s no there’s no reason you know he’s kind of yeah definitely and uh actually mark harmon as well yeah i would love to have him as well um i thought you were gonna say his name i wanted to leave that to you oh the relationship you know even if we could talk about relationship with um you know this french uh psychologist esther pharrell i think that if we wanted to be happy but like this is us this is like us daydreaming so it’s not daydream no one’s just daydreaming with them we’re setting our intentions yeah we’re manifesting for the future right yeah we’re setting our intentions for the future so we can manifest it i don’t doubt that we can it’s just that you know it’s going to take some time and work um yeah i mean like even gabon mate like if if you know in a couple of years if you have a bit more fellowship and um more content out i think it’d be he’d be he’d be willing to come on because he they replied you know they gave us gave us some feedback about what we need to do and so we know i i am positive i’m optimistic but realistic and um we have a bit of a gap but yeah definitely we are working hard for it so yeah never say never never say never indeed well with that i think thank you guys for listening and keep listening to our episodes and give us your feedback and um yeah we’ll see you next week with our new episode until then stay well

Guni & Thasha I Ep #18 | Reflections on the DTP Journey

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