Mahdi Brown N.D. I Ep #16 | Part II – The Female Prevalence to Autoimmune Disease



hey listeners today’s episode is part two of our episode with dr marti on the prevalence of autoimmune conditions amongst women we specifically dive into the tools of managing the

stresses that upregulate our genes so that we can bring our body back to a state of homeostasis and as always the content discussed in this episode is for educational purposes only and shouldn’t be replaced by personalized professional medical advice hey guys i’m tasha hey listeners this is ghooni and you’re tuned in to dottie of the podcast where we chat and explore all things on integrative medicine and so we’ve been talking about how stress and burnout can influence the state of your health and state of your immunity right what is the link for auto-immune conditions how does it actually get to that state of being like a disease yeah many times you you the body will always give you warnings and signals for example um i’m thinking about an ms patient specifically that i was working with quite some time ago he was a college professor brilliant musician he was in the school of music and he lived like when you’re in colder environments what we also see with ms specifically colder environments one will become more prone again if the predisposition is already there within the genetics right for that for that to express itself and so he was living in a very cold environment where his wife’s family was from so they moved to this area and innately he didn’t want to be there but this is why that going unexpressed in him and him not uh wanting to communicate that and acknowledge that within himself and communicate to his wife that i’m not really aligned with his environment started setting up a predisposition within himself that he continued to negate himself through other things that he was doing in his life constantly saying yes to things he should have said no to that he wanted to say no to and not having these boundaries that began to establish a condition of more stress being put on him because again he’s not even listening to himself anymore so underneath that he’s creating more of a stress condition also the foods in which he was eating he wasn’t eating very healthy he wasn’t making choices around food that was very supportive of the nervous system they get into healthy oils oils are essential specifically omega-3 oils are soy essential and also healthy omega-6’s are essential for the nervous system to keep it regulated to keep it healthy the specifically that mine and sheath that’s where ms attacks the immune system attacks the sheep that covers the nerves so it’s like a the fat insulator around the nerves that keeps them from keep them conducting and conducting fast as far as nerve impulses are concerned that is attack and so choices he’s making around the food selection he wasn’t getting healthy facts that the body needed not honoring himself and living in an environment that was not conducive for him all those things set up a predisposition for that expression and so as we start going back in and unraveling his life and his life story you start seeing the patterns there and so there’s always going to be patterns and the body is very unique to each of us some situations like for example tasha you may be completely non-responsive to non-reactive your body’s like i’m good here i don’t have any issue where myself i would have come in that same environment i would have an issue with it my body would have an issue with it and i would show some kind of physical expression to my body reacting in an adverse way and so we also have to look at how just again going back to the genetic composition of who we are and how that’s being translated through the life choices and experiences so every time you have a semi-automated condition there’s going to be a pattern but we can’t just say oh is this over here as a cause or this is the cause we have to really go back in and unpack the whole story to find what choices and what experiences are all correlated with this and how it’s going to express itself in your body right exactly because the example you gave kind of reminded me of my dad who himself was in a situation where he was very unhappy in where he was living and we as his family saw he’s being unhappy and what it could cause in terms of health issues and so some people in in a certain environment it could go towards the autoimmune disease or it could go into another thing and so you know i’m touching wood here but there are things that you want to listen so what we had to do is to encourage him and say okay you know what do what’s going to make you happy what do you need to do for yourself so that not only will you be healthy but happier as well and you’ll be expressing as you’re saying what you’re truly here to to do um so i truly resonate but not everyone has the luxury sometimes i want to say to own up to your choices or your decisions because your decision will impact other people’s lives etc uh what do you think or what would be kind of your advice for someone who is in the situation where they know you know that they’re in a state where they have to make a decision but there is a lot at stake well it’s a very good one and a lot of times people have struggles with that specific issue when other lives are going to be impacted by the choices you make however ultimately you cannot blame those others on your state of affairs if you are not courageous enough to act and what i always challenge my clients and students with is this when you show up authentically as yourself and you make no apologies for it you unconsciously give others permission to do the same and in addition to that when you are honestly and authentically honoring yourself and serving yourself when you make choices now from that lens the people who are supposed to be in your life will remain there those that it’s time for their journeys to go elsewhere will have no choice but to do so and that is the journey that we all are on and so ultimately the responsibility for your journey responsibility for your life experience is solely and 100 in your hands based on the choices you choose to make every single day and when it comes to family i know that can be very challenging yeah actually tricky very tricky it can be tricky and it is very you know torrential terrain you know to kind of navigate through and and really uh come to a place where there is you know uh agreement across the board but if you fail to do so because ultimately it’s about your journey and your life here and if your life is cut short because you’re unwilling to make choices how’s that going to impact them exactly yeah yes you know so you have to you have to really look at it from that place and trust that that connection that we all have one another everything will work out for as high as good when we step from a place seeking our highest good right things from fear because that’s where when that fear lies within us unexpressed that’s when we start setting the germs or the seeds for imbalances to show up in the yeah body okay resonated me a quote that i often fall back on if i’m frustrated and i feel like i’m not making progress on things it is what you don’t change you choose so it’s like if you don’t make the choices to to change the circumstances you’re in then i guess you have to deal with it and if you if you know you’re conscious of it then you can’t really blame anybody in that scenario right not at all especially when you have awareness around it so if we were to talk about autoimmune diseases for the ones who are genetically predisposed you you come to this world with something that is already expressed in your gene that kind of is already destroying themselves um what do you think would be steps that they can take forward to help the situation well i think the first thing is is doing an inventory within yourself and really ask yourself you know some really tough questions am i being honest with myself am i really being truthful with myself right now in the state of affairs in which my life is and how i’m experiencing my life and we all on a conscious level know deeply when we are not being true to ourselves truthful with ourselves and with those around us and so it really comes back to first and foremost taking that inventory of self and really finding a genuine appreciation and love and value for who you are as you are the so-called good and bad just taking it fully in with acceptance and it’s from that space that you begin to really restructure your life in a way that truly serves you and i think one of the things my father asked me a very long time ago that really resonated with me at a time in my life where i was struggling i was at a crossroad about what i wanted to do and he asked me he’s like son has the choices in your life thus far have they served you don’t worry about me mom or your siblings or your friends have the choices that you made in your life that’s why how they served you and and as he posed that question to me my eyes started welling up with tears because you knew the answer was no right i’ve been making choices for everyone else except myself and i said no dad i have not he said well son is about time you start making choices that do he said don’t worry about what i think what your mother thinks what anyone else thinks in this life he says your life you have to give an account for it when it’s all said and done so i would encourage you to start making choices that serve you and so i would pass that same message on to the viewers and listeners of this podcast is that after you do that inventory and you become clear about who you are and where you are and what it is you really desire start making the choices that are aligned with that and making choices that really serve you so that that’s one and i think that it’s it’s it’s an exercise it’s an exercise that i think we could unpack on another like another episode because where do you even start you know when do you how do you even uh and inventory yourself because you start right now you start in the moment but what direction because i i would be thinking because i was in a few years ago where just like well cool inventory yourself right thanks but where do i start do i have to go to a therapist do what do i have like can i have a checklist you know for those people well yeah it was good yeah there’s a lot there’s a lot so the thing is yeah you there’s there’s a process to this and many times you will need guidance that’s what we do with the knock-on journey it’s like many times you will need guidance you need you will need someone to be able to hold a mirror up to you who will do that objectively without bias and say hey this is the state of affairs what do you want to do about it you know i always like to say we come into this life i come into his life as me with this body on this earth with my mind my dreams and my imagination right what do i want to do with it we’re all given that a body this earth to navigate on our imagination and our dreams right how do you want to use those things here to create the life you desire for yourself and so sometimes you may need you know someone to objectively guide you and hold you accountable to self and i’ve had that in my journey and i think it’s very important that people seek that out because sometimes we can get so consumed we’re like a fishing water we don’t even see the water or the as i say the forest for the trees we don’t see it because we’re so immersed in it and so we need that object objectivity that unbiased analysis and assessment and someone to hold us accountable who doesn’t have any personal dog in that fight that can really call it as it is for you so that you can now start making the choices that you need to make and so it may require you to step into a situation where you have someone who can mentor guide and coach you right you provide that that therapy that is necessary to help you navigate it especially if there’s a lot of trauma that has to be on that specifically so we so we talked about inventory of self as a as a first step what would be your second point of guidance kind of going back to the body uh i the body is the the limiting factor in all of this specifically the nervous system but making choices that really honor and support the body and that we now look to food and so i always like to tell my my clients uh and students uh take your meds m-e-d-s okay meds the m star stands for meditation and prayer so taking time to meditate and be still and breathe okay e is for exercise the body is designed as i said earlier to move that’s the only purpose it has so making sure you’re moving your body consistently on a daily basis that you allow it to engage and move those you know beautiful amazing fluids within you as far as your blood your lymphatic fluids that really get the body in a place where it can heal and regenerate and restore itself in a very efficient way the d is for of course diet nutrition and supplementation so eating as many high vibrational foods and what i mean by high vibrational foods living foods fruits and vegetables whole grains so having at least 80 of your your diet daily nutrition coming from those sources if you can’t eliminate processed foods and what we mean by process anything when we take for example if i take a sweet potato out of the ground i cut it up put some oils on it and i pre-fry it and then throw it in a freezer bag and i put in a grocery store and i give it to you that is a processed food it’s a more healthy one instead of like a bag of chips right it’s still a processed food so eating more whole foods on a consistent basis that’s the d the s in meds is for sleep and relaxation i love it this is definitely yours this is going to be yeah take your medicine take your meds take your meds taking time to rest and relax allow the body to heal and regenerate and be just again being still getting into that parasympathetic state of just breathing in deeply using the diaphragm expanding out the belly impregnating the belly with breath and allowing that to begin just to relax you and going into that sacred sleep and rest at night so you can recover and regenerate so that would be uh the the second thing like taking your meds third one i would say is to now make sure that you are just as much as you can staying proactive in your actions carrying out the necessary actions that you know you need to do and being committed to your actions and commitment to action every day yeah yeah because we live in a three-dimensional plane of existence we got time space and matter and everything in this plane of existence takes time yeah and it’s in motion and so for you to be aligned with time you have to be in motion with time so you have to take action you can’t just sit there and come up with all these wonderful plans about your life and then not take the steps to implement them because we live in a physical plane of existence where it requires physical motion and movement in order to manifest and create so that would be the the third one i would say yeah very actionable you gave like really two good points of taking an inventory of your of your life and where you’re at and then actually taking your meds and the how like keeping track of how you actually do or take action on number one and two so action points which is the most often forgotten step in goal setting so i guess like as a closing to this because we were talking about how 80 of women are predisposed to autoimmune conditions and stress and burnout is a huge factor in this process right um so how can women i guess address this and and take action on their part with this knowledge yeah it starts with one thing that we all have to do but specifically women i would say that you have to make a healing decision for you it starts with you making a decision we have to understand the word in itself deciding and making a decision what that means when you make a decision the brutal decisionist side c-i-d-e that in and of itself means you cut side means to cut so when you make a decision you cut away all other possibilities all other options are thrown away and you move in one accord in one purpose one direction without distraction without coercion or influence from anything else you make the healing decision for you as as women you already have a predisposition to be the caretakers of the world frankly you are the source of all life and creation all life comes through you so it’s an extraordinary responsibility you have you bring forth life to the world you literally teach from the womb you are the first teacher and you because you are the first teacher you set the example so when you are demonstrating in your own life the importance of self-care self-value self-worth and you’re able to make that healing decision for yourself you teach all others to do the same right and so it has to start with the healing decision and everything else that we’ve discussed over the course of this podcast is now possible right because you’ve decided to make yourself yeah that was really powerful and it’s a dominant effect it trickles into every because if you’re a woman you’re kind of whether you realize it or not you’re you know um central point of family you know your own children or even uh your parents um it’s like honestly like it’s just like we we follow you guys seriously we like you know we’re obviously like okay like pretty much whatever’s going on with you is gonna really kind of dictate how we flow but again that even starts because i came through my mother she was my first teacher and she was teaching me from the womb so i said the responsibility as you all as women is extraordinary and so you have to make that decision for yourself first foremost because the world depends on you i know this is like how we get to stop it like my job exactly because not only it’s a wisdom and how powerful this conversation is that is not only are we helping one individual but indirectly if that individual decide to take on into that journey it’s going to help a whole it’s a network effect so definitely thank you so much for those uh words bites of wisdom i wouldn’t even say bites like lifetimes of wisdom i think it’s like seven really good quotes i love it thank you so much for that um dr mahdi that was wonderful really fun really a pleasure it was fun i learned a lot and i’m so glad that we have you as an ally for women absolutely indeed yeah you’re the ones i probably love to work with because i see the extraordinary power of who you are and the great responsibility that you have to us as an entire species to this world and so our ability to become more really will come through you all because as again you teach from the womb you’re the first teacher to us all well thank you thank you yeah if you enjoyed this episode go ahead and select the follow or subscribe button for now stay safe and we’ll see you next week

Mahdi Brown N.D. I Ep #16 | Part II – The Female Prevalence to Autoimmune Disease

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