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Dominica Collis | Ep #51 | Want to Herb up your life?

Dominica is a Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Iridologist, Nutritional Therapist, Trainer of the Soul Body Fusion® method, and teacher of Slavic Gymnastics. She is also the owner and founder of her 2 businesses, Wellness Alchemy and Surrey Organics.

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Wellness Alchemy is Dominica’s private practice where she provides individual naturopathic and nutritional consultations, meal plans, training and courses for individuals and companies.

Surrey Organics is an organic vegan herbal cosmetics and dietary supplements company.

In our episode with Dominca, we explore the following:
– Definition of a herb
– Difference between herb and spice
– How & where to forage for herbs
– What are must have herbs in our home
– How to start the process to incorporate more herbs in our cooking

For almost 10 years, Dominica has been exploring the secrets of natural medicine, studying various holistic approaches originating from Europe and other parts of the world. She constantly expands her knowledge by studying health in practice, and conducting numerous individual sessions and training.

She is also the author of the book “Greenlicious Cookbook”, which introduces the reader to the secrets of the plant-based diet through nearly 100 quick, easy and delicious recipes, and explains how to balance it and use it to improve our health.

To connect with Dominica, you can contact her on Instagram – @WellnessAlchemyHub –

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Simi Godagama | Ep #50| Are your Biological Clocks Ticking?

Meet our next guest on Dotiv The Podcast – Simi Godagama !

Simi is a multifaceted Professional who studied Osteopathic, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is qualified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Acupuncturist!

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She is also the founder of @rurifoundation – a non-profit organization that supports child protection in Sri Lanka, and also the author of the children’s book – Sully’s Glow.

As a mother who conceived her twins via IVF, Simi shares her story and gives us context to the challenges she faced in deciding to conceive via IVF as a Natural Medicine Practitioner.

In our episode this week, we cover the key areas:

– The pressure of having to conceive naturally
– The treatment options considered via the ‘Natural’ route before considering IVF
– The internal battle/ challenge Simi faced in deciding to conceive via IVF
– How natural/ traditional medicine supported her IVF Journey
– The mindset/ thought process adopted to navigate the emotional journey

Simi is the Executive Board Director of The British Ayurvedic Medical Council, Chair of the Information & Communication Committee, Director and Owner of The Little Buckingham Clinic, a Child Protection Activist, South Asian Women’s Health Advocate, and also an Exhibited and Commissioned Artist.

To consult with Simi, you can try the following , Drop Simi a Message via

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Founder Series | Ep #49 | Andy Chan | Triathlon Preparation – Conversations on Recovery

Andy is a certified strength & conditioning specialist and educator.

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Drawing on his master’s degree in Exercise Science and influenced by his 10-year stay in the United States, Andy has a unique outlook on health and athletic performance. He is also the Co-Author to the newly released book – Dynamic Balance which looks at the interconnectedness of diet, emotions, and training through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this episode, Guni speaks to Andy on the following:
– Concept of Ying and Yang
– Eating to what’s local and culturally appropriate based on your environment
– Flight or Fight and Rest & Digest
– Being Agile & Adaptable
– Training in isolation vs total body movements
– How does recovery tie into training efficiency
– Andy’s experience as a minority ethnic in Sport & Fitness industry in USA

Andy also teaches educational courses at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, TRX, Trigger Point Performance, and Power Plate. He has also made guest appearances on Hong Kong television shows and presents at different public fitness events.

To connect with Andy, you can find him here —

You can also purchase Dynamic Balance Book here —

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Tharshini Nirmalarajah | Ep #47| Can TCM assist with early-stage pregnancy loss recovery?

Meet our next guest on Dotiv The Podcast – Tharshini Nirmalarajah – a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and founder of Fertile Seeds of Life – a Melbourne (Australia) based TCM Fertility Clinic.

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Dr. Tharshini’s specialisation is in fertility, hormones and the womb and is passionate about women’s health and helping couples conceive. Her focus areas include, Gynaecology, Fertility, Hormonal Imbalances, Menopause & Hysterectomies,

Dr. Tharshini was also featured on Awake TV network in the US (which also featured Deepak Chopra), and hosted a 12 part episode series called, The Gift of energetic fertility healing which was live streamed around the world.

In our episode with Dr. Tharshini, we speak about the following:

– Definition of an early pregnancy/ miscarriage means
– Signs to identify if a miscarriage is happening
– Factors that impact the likelihood of a miscarriage – Genetics vs Lifestyle
– TCM perspective on a body’s experience of a miscarriage when happening & after it occurs
– Physical Considerations
– Emotional/ Mental Considerations
– Getting closure from experiencing an early pregnancy loss
– Steps to take to minimize the risk of miscarriages

With over 17 years of experience in the health industry, Dr. Tharshini’s mission and vision is all about helping women address and heal health problems in the womb, to better understand their bodies, and help couples understand that their fertility is way more than their age and lab results.

For a full list of services, you can check out Dr. Tharshini’s clinic – Fertile Seeds of Life . Alternatively, you can reach out/ connect with her directly on social media – Instagram – @dr_tharshini

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What is narcissism? Narcissism is a sense of extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of others around them. While every person may exhibit occasional narcissistic behaviour, true narcissists frequently disregard others or their feelings. They also do not understand the effect that their behaviour has on other people. Narcissism […]

Founder Series | Ep #45 | Mara Hafezi | Triathlon Preparation – Conversations on Strength Training

Meet Mara Hafezi – our 3rd Founder Series guest!

Mara is a fitness trainer, mindset coach, cyclist and runner who specializes in working with women of colour (WOC), in addition to her day-job in the corporate sphere. She is also the sports co-lead at South Asian Heritage Month.

In this episode, Guni chats to Mara about the following:

– Importance of strength training in her Triathlon preparation
– What types of strength training to do (with examples)
– How frequent Strength Training should be
– Strength training during Ramadhan
– Reasons why strength training is overlooked
– Importance diversity and inclusion in sport is lacking, and why its important to have it
– Her aspirations as a WOC in sport, for all WOC

Mara is passionate about helping women become stronger physically and mentally, and hopes that through her coaching, she can be their guide in cultivating a growth mindset. She is passionate about guiding WOC become more active and works closely with sports brands and organisations to create more inclusion.

To connect with Mara/ engage in her services, reach out to her via @mara.thefitlondoner

Till then, Stay Well 🌻

What is homeopathy?

What is homeopathy? Homeopathy, is a form of complementary or alternative treatment that is based on two unconventional theories [1]: “Like cures like”—the idea that an ailment can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. “Law of minimum dose”—the notion that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. Many homeopathic […]

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